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How To Consign

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There is a 30 item minimum in order to consign. (Volunteers have the discretion of not accepting items due to stains, unique strong smells, wear, or being out of season. Please see our “Items Accepted” page below for a complete list of items accepted at our sale.)

Consignors are responsible for tagging and pricing their items using our online portal. The DBC Kidz sale tag is the only tag that will be accepted. You may not use tags from other sales. Please read over the tagging and pricing information on the following pages thoroughly, as some items have changed.

All consignors must register in our online portal for each sale by the registration deadline.

Items will only be accepted during the time that you sign up for, so please mark your calendars and plan accordingly. You can come by any time during your two hour time slot.

NOTE: If you are a returning consignor to DBC Kidz, please enter your consignor number from our previous sales into the log-in area. Your password will be the last four digits of the phone number we have on file.

At the time of drop-off, all consignors will leave one tub (without lid) with your consignor number written in Sharpie on front and back of the tub. When items are sorted at the end of the sale, they will be placed back into your tub. If you are donating your items at the end of the sale, a tub is not necessary.

Unsold items must be picked up between 4- 5 pm on the Saturday after the public sale. Unsold items not picked up Saturday by 5 pm will automatically be donated. NO EXCEPTIONS! Tubs will also be donated.

Each consignor will be given 2 tickets for the consignor pre-sale upon check-in at your designated time. You must present your ticket to get into the consignor pre-sale. Please check our main page for pre-sale dates and times.

Each consignor will receive 70% of their sales, and Denver Baptist Church receives 30%. Checks are mailed to the consignor following the sale (usually within 2 weeks).

Each consignor can bring up to 300 gently used items.  

Also, each consignor can also only bring 30 books. 

What To Consign


— Only Spring/Summer clothing or items should be consigned. No winter coats, corduroys, Christmas dresses, boots, sweatshirts or fleece pants/jackets, Halloween costumes, etc.
— Only Fall/Winter clothing or items should be consigned. No bathing suits, shorts, tank tops, summer dresses, sandals, life jackets/swim floats, etc.

All clothing must be free of stains, fading, worn knees, holes/rips and excessive pilling to be eligible for consignment. Clothing that smells of mildew, smoke, or have a strong offensive odor will NOT be accepted. They will be placed back in consigner’s bin.

Girl’s and Boy’s clothing is to be from newborn to size 16 (children sizes only).

Maternity clothes that are in season. (Spring/summer clothes only at Spring sale, etc.)

Car seats need manufacturer’s stamp inside seat. They will be inspected to ensure no missing date and not be within 9 months of expiration. Infant car seats need their base and be no older than 5 years old. Booster seats can be no older than 8 years old.

Please see the following list of specific accepted items.

Please note revisions.

  • All types of seasonal clothing
  • Baby Blankets (baby blankets only; NO THROWS OR COMFORTERS)
  • Crib sheets & Bedding sets (NO kids bedding, ONLY crib bedding)
  • Pack-n-Plays
  • Nursery décor
  • Baby monitors
  • Bath tubs
  • Potties & Toilet seat inserts
  • Diaper genies
  • Diaper bags
  • Baby carriers
  • Wagons
  • Ride-on Toys
  • Walkers
  • Strollers
  • Kitchen sets
  • Workbench sets
  • Bicycles, Tricycles
  • Bouncers
  • Excersaucers
  • Jumpers
  • Car seats* (see above for guidelines)
  • Swings
  • Highchairs
  • Cribs (no drop-sided cribs or crib mattresses)
  • Changing tables
  • Wipe warmers
  • Bassinets
  • Safety gates
  • Toddler beds
  • Rocking chairs
  • Play mats
  • Breast pumps (sanitized)
  • Feeding items-bowls, spoons, etc.
  • Outdoor Play Equipment (that can easily be moved, i.e. no large swing sets)
  • Books 
  • DVD/Video games (Please check to make sure that DVD is in the case.) No Scratches. **No VHS videos**
  • Small toys (puzzles, board games, action figures, Hot Wheel cars, LEGOs, etc. If you are not sure, ask for clarification.)
  • Shoes – make sure shoes are very clean, new, laces-tied and zip-tied together.

All toys must be clean, all pieces present, and in working condition.

Batteries & Chargers must be in/with items requiring them.


  • NO CHILDREN’S UNDERGARMENTS (only new, unopened, and in original packaging will be sold)
  • NO CLOTH DIAPERS except new with tags
  • NO NURSING BRAS OR PUMPING BRAS (unless brand new with tags)
  • NO USED PACIFIERS or BOTTLE NIPPLES (must be in original, unopened packaging)
  • NO BUMBO SEATS without straps (if straps are attached, it is acceptable.)
  • NO OPEN PACKAGES OF DIAPERS (unopened and in original packaging can be sold)
  • NO WHOLESALE ITEMS (Bulk items or new items in multiples, unless due to multiple children like twins or triplets)

All baby equipment must be CLEAN, meet http://www.cpsc.gov guidelines with no recalls, and have all straps, buckles, and/or pads.

How To Tag/Price Your Items

  • All clothing needs to be on a hanger and the hanger should face left (like a question mark). Table space is limited and needs to be reserved for items that are not capable of being placed on a hanger.
  • Cloth items such as burp cloths, towels, bibs, or blankets may no longer be placed in plastic zip-loc bags. These items should be sold individually or can be pinned together in groups and the tag should be pinned directly to them. If you’d prefer to hang these items, that would be helpful as well. (No comforter sets, throws, or pillows will be accepted.)
  • Socks are the only cloth item that may be placed in baggies. Please tape tag securely to outside of bag.
  • All tags must be printed from our online portal. It may be helpful to print your tags on cardstock but that is not required. (Items that are brought to our sale that do not have our tags will not be sold.)

*You may choose to donate your items that do not sell. Items may be selected individually or you can choose to donate all items. If you would like to DONATE your items, you must select “donate” on each tag, before it is printed. All donated items will be pulled from the racks prior to sorting items for consignors at the end of the sale. We will not longer ask you whether you’d like to donate when you drop off items prior to the sale. Marking “donation” on the tags is the method we will use to determine donated items.

  • Use Safety pins in the top middle of the tag to attach to clothing. (The tag says “Pin Here”.) Tagging Guns, straight pins, stick-on labels, or clothespins are not allowed. Pin tags to the right front side of each garment so that the tag is easily seen by shoppers when hanging. (see above picture)
  • If you need to tape your tag to an item, such as a toy or book, tape it only on the top portion (labeled “pin here” on our printed tags), so that the bottom portion can be cut off for purchases. (See pictures below.)
  • SHOES: Zip tie or tie shoe laces together for all shoes. If the shoes cannot be connected in any way, please put them in zip loc baggies with the tag on the OUTSIDE of the bag.Shoes MUST be able to sit side-by-side and flat on a table or shelf.
  • Please make sure that pants/shorts are secured to the hangers with the safety pins as in the picture.
  • All prices should end in $.00 or $.50 (Example: $3.50, NOT $3.55). Prices must start no lower than $.50. Remember, you finally got it out of your house. You don’t want to take it back home.
  • We will be offering a half price sale ALL DAY on Saturday. If you would like for your items to be discounted to half price, you must select “YES” for Discount when loading your tagging information into the portal, before printing the tags. Any tag not marked with “Discount-YES” will NOT be discounted.

NOTE : If an item is marked for Donation, it WILL automatically be discounted on half-price day.

Video Tutorial | Printing Tags